General Terms and Conditions

You are able to order our service by e-mail, please send it to the with a following informations: Procurer name, address, phone number, Date, location, duration of the event, Planned route.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. The price includes the rental fee, the fee of the driver, fuel, preparation of the car for the event and arrival to the starting point in Budapest.
  2. Starting point outside of Vác is 350 HUF / km and calculat by
  3. The car can be driven only with our drivers.
  4. The rental fee includes 60 km in case of 3 hours and 200 km in case of 8 hours rental, the additional fee is 300HUF/km.
  5. The parking, high way, entrance fees are not included. In case the rental is more than aday, the cost of accommodation and meals of the driver is also additional cost.
  6. Minimum rental time is 3 hours.
  7. No smoking in the car.
  8. The payment is able to on the premises before the event by cash or bank transfer withproforma invoice. Customers with covenant are able to pay 8 days bank transfer.
  9. 30% of the total price as earnest in case of order. This payment is able to by bank transfer or by cash with checking time. The earnest money is not been able to payback in case of cancelled the rental.
  10. Our drivers work 8 hours per day, the extra hours 5 000 HUF / hour.
  11. Every started hour after than 15 minutes is rated as 1 hour.
  1. The procurer accepts that as the car is an OldTimer, even it is regularly maintained, unexpected failure can happen. The company does not take any responsibility for this possible failure.
  2. The decoration is not include the rental fee, but it is placeable with pre-arrangement (it mustn’t cover the numberplate, not interfere the free perspective, and that material mustn’t damage the car).
  3. Your order is accepted, if the company confirm it by e-mail.
  4. Any changes are possible only written form by e-mail ( Thecompany can not accept substantial changes within 72 hours.
  5. If the car are damaged by the customer, shall reimburse it within 24 hours.
  6. In case of extreme weather conditions (snow, ice, etc.) the company may cancel theorder. In this cace the company pay back the earnest money, additional compensationis not covered to the procurer.
  7. The car made to California, so the distance is showed in miles. The travel distance iscalculate as the miles multiply 1,6.

In order case the procurer accept the conditions.